Flying Penguin - the best self-coaching book ever written! by Dr. Asoka Nimal Jinadasa

Emperor penguins fly several feet above the water to land on ice at higher levels when threatened by a predator. People also fly beyond the limitations of their daily lives under life-threatening circumstances. Flying Penguin explains how to transform people who waddle along as penguins into soaring eagles by awakening the vast human potential sleeping within them.

Flying Penguin shows how to awaken your vast inborn potential by using a blend of modern science and ancient wisdom. How you can unleash your inborn power that enabled you to walk and talk without a teacher, and use a smartphone even before you could read. It explains how to develop competencies associated with each of the six dimensions of success, symbolized by heart, mind, body, passion, focus, and health. Flying Penguin shows how you can:

  • Fly far beyond the limitations of your daily life;
  • Achieve the highest levels of success in everything you do;
  • Become younger, healthier, and sexier each day;
  • Develop comprehensive leadership skills.

Flying Penguin explains how you can energize and empower yourself at any age by using an invigorating cocktail of oriental energy methods blended with latest discoveries in behavioral psychology, neuroscience, genetics, nutrition, and healthcare. How you can experience the thrill of freeing your wings and flying far beyond the limitations of your everyday life.

Containing 132 online references packed into 139 pages, it is probably the most comprehensive self-coaching book ever written.

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