Libertyville - historical romance by Alice X

Punch your ticket and let bestselling Romance author Alice X take you on a sensual journey into the past…  Your destination is Libertyville… the setting of Alice’s stunning new historical romance.

If you want to feel what lovers truly mean when they say “the heart wants what the heart wants”…

Well, then darlin’… you just have to visit Libertyville!

Missy Owens’s heart is as wild and free as the Western Frontier.  Born into a life of wealth and privilege in Old Virginia high society, she runs away from home to escape an arranged marriage to an uninspiring doctor, Arthur Rowlands.

Missy goes to the railway station and buys a ticket on the next train out of town.  She leaves her privileged life for Libertyville, Texas… rough country in the heart of the Old West.

Desperate for a means to support herself, Missy accepts an offer of work as a ranch hand from Nate Randall… the richest cowboy in all of Cedar Springs County.  The handsome widower wants much more from Missy than an honest day’s work…  But Nate discovers Missy is one tough mare to break!

And the only way to discover what happens next is to make your own trip to Libertyville today!

About the author:

Sexy, smart and sassy, Alice X recently escaped the corporate world to pursue her passion for the written word. Alice's romance novels are about strong, passionate women. Her heroines make bold choices and strive to lead authentic lives.

Bursting at the seams with talent, Alice uses words the same way a painter uses color - to evoke deep feeling, create a mood, to reveal human vulnerabilities.

Alice is shy by nature. She loves dogs, the ocean at night and bad boys with an underlying code of honor.

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