Road Map to Power, a Self-Help/Happiness book by Syed Arshad M.D. and A. Darius Husain

I am pleased to introduce you to Road Map to Power, a revolutionary new book named an Amazon “Hot Release” and rated “5 Stars” from such respected publications as Readers’ Favorite and Goodreads.  Road Map to Power is a direct response to a society that, despite climbing out of one of the most crippling Recessions in its history, still operates under a general malaise and cloud of pessimism.  This current climate of dissatisfaction has led to the meteoric rise of two insurgent presidential candidates posed to challenge the establishment, each on the opposite ends of the political spectrum, in Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Road Map to Power explains why, in an attempt to “fix” what we believe to be “broken,” we are conditioned to look outwardly to the examples of the elite and well-connected for solutions.  Furthermore, the book breaks down the root causes for feelings of loss of control in one’s life and the lack of hope for the future.  In the end, Road Map to Power provides a new, inwardly focused path forward that promotes dignity, satisfaction, and happiness.

Along with a sound research foundation, Road Map to Power also works as a compelling narrative.  As a young man growing up in a politically compromised Pakistan who came to the United States in search of a society that valued a man based on his merit and effort, I was not immune to the entrapments of a celebrity obsessed, consumer society.  Compelled by the desire to live a life devoid of ethical compromise, I had somehow become the gatherer of possessions, titles, and things.  Tracing my arc as a survivor of a refugee camp to the formation of a humanitarian organization serving children most traumatize by the world’s worst atrocities, Road Map to Power is a recount of a journey in reclaiming personal power.

-Syed Arshad Husain M.D. (Author, Road Map to Power)