Tree Of Death - a science fiction novel by L. L. Fine


The dawn of the 21st century is nearing. Or is it the dusk of the Human race?

Israel, the early 80's. A prodigy orphan is saved from the streets by a mysterious Kabbalist, and gently manipulated into learning Torah computer science. His mission, years later: to infiltrate a top secret biological weapon laboratory, and quietly wait for further instructions.

But when he discovers he is about to develop the same cancer that killed his father, he turns himself into a human lab rat, desperately straining to find a genetic cure. Outwitting his superiors, betraying all he holds sacred, he unravels an even darker secret threatening to destroy all mankind...

And this is when earth-shattering disaster strikes.

This unusual science fiction novel is an early prequel to the Heaven series universe. It delves deeply into the origin of mankind, connecting ancient scripts with modern findings and adding another hidden piece to the puzzle. Our destiny is in our genes, but our future is in our hands.