A Fighting Chance - a lesbian romance with a martial arts background by Barb Wolfe


Two women who are definitely not looking for love. But when passion comes on so strong, do they have a choice?

Two women meet when Erin Ryan is assigned to get a story on DJ Brown, the Owner/Sensei of a Women-Only Mixed Martial Arts gym. DJ is a beautiful woman, which Erin notices immediately even though DJ is treating her rather coldly. DJ notices how cute the small blonde reporter is, but she is not looking for anything beyond casual one-night stands and hasn't been for awhile. Besides, she just assumes Erin is straight. Erin had always assumed that too.

After the initial meeting, however, Erin can't get DJ out of her mind. DJ is also feeling the passion, but still fighting it. When they meet for the dinner interview, inhibitions fall away with the wine.

Can these two very different women conquer their pasts and learn to trust each other? Can their defenses come down long enough for them to find love? And will a devastating incident bring them closer together or pull them apart forever?