A Leafy Green World - a domestic/international terrorism thriller by Sean Dow


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Brent Holcomb was looking for a new start when he moved to Portland, Oregon, a chance to put a stop to the steady downhill trend that had become his life. His new home seemed like a promising beginning, until he discovered the truth about his new friends.

Dr. Brent Holcomb had been on a steady decline from the pinnacles of the ultra-wealthy existence of his youth, but things finally were going his way. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter and a fulfilling career; the perfect life he had dreamed of was in reach, until tragedy struck. Always his own worst enemy, Dr. Holcomb's heartbroken response renewed that descent, plunging him to unimaginable new lows; the move to Portland would likely be his last chance.

Brent found himself immersed in an exciting new world until he realized that his new friends weren't what they appeared to be. He finds himself caught up in the murder of an innocent man, deeply enmeshed with domestic terrorists, and with nowhere to turn. A bold plan forms, a plan that will put him on a treacherous path with not only his own life at stake, but the fate of his family, and even his country.

A Leafy Green World is the second novel from Sean Dow (Debridement) and he once again offers a story packed with intrigue, action and unexpected turns. Join Dr. Holcomb on this fast-paced adventure as he pits his wits against those of the most secretive and ruthless domestic and international terrorists as they seek to destroy America, where his every move could be his last.