Bought And Paid For: The Billionaire's Girlfriend - Contemporary Romance by Lara Hunter


A charismatic, young, and gorgeously handsome playboy billionaire, Harvey Pace can have anything in the world. Today, he wants a girlfriend.

After courting a big business deal for many moons, Harvey finally has it in the bag, if he can just impress the traditionalist, morally-upstanding investors. Needing to shed his playboy image fast, he concocts a plan...

Alice is a struggling actress, without any credit to her name. She soon receives an unusual job offer; portray the elegant, sophisticated girlfriend of a famous businessman.

What Harvey hadn't considered is that Alice knows exactly who he is, and hates his guts; after she and her family's home was cruelly taken by his company, she wants revenge...

To her surprise, however Harvey isn't the greedy, contemptible man she expected; with burgeoning feelings of desire and affection towards her new boss and pretend boyfriend, can Alice go through with her plan for revenge?