Dominion - A post-apocalyptic thriller by Doug Goodman

Aidan and his friends are playing a deadly game of cat and mouse.  Dominion has been taken from man, and now their world has been overtaken by all the animals. Their subdivision has become  a hunting ground for giant, demonic dogs.  Aidan and his friends learn to adapt, hiding so that the grackles don’t see them, camouflaging their scent so the dogs don’t track them, and every day finding a way to survive.  The group has created a safehaven by modifying an attic, stealing solar power for fans, and putting up gym pads to muffle their sounds.   They have also nearly completed an escape tunnel out to the sewer systems.  Not bad for a bunch of young friends who were getting ready to go out and explore the world, only to have that world ripped right out from under them and destroyed.   But life in an attic in Houston in summer is wretched, no matter how many fans they install, and their parents may be out there somewhere, waiting for them.  Some in the group want to stay, and some want to travel north to where it is colder and where presumably, less animals would exist.  Aidan cautions his friends.  If they think fending off giant dogs and cats is difficult, what will it be like when they are out in the wilderness crossing North America?  But this decision may have been made up for them already by a crafty dog who has found an unusual scent coming from the attic of one of the houses.