His Revenge - a Thriller by John W. Howell


His Revenge is the story of John Cannon's wish to make the mastermind behind terrorist activities that cost the life of a friend and the sinking of his boat pay for his crimes. Although this desire, is not overly far fetched it proves more difficult for John to accomplish than he imagined. As a matter of fact, the revenge John envisions is proving Matt Jacobs guilty of murder and terrorism. This simple wish is nowhere near the level of revenge his nemesis has planned for John. Who will succeed and who will fail?

The story behind His Revenge is a look at two sides of the coin. On the one side, we have an antagonist Matt Jacobs, who firmly believes he has a mandate from his god to do all he can to disrupt Western civilization. On the other we have a protagonist John Cannon, who has the belief that Matt is criminal and needs to be brought to justice.

With two equally impassioned points of view, it is not hard to imagine the discussions taking place while they are together. Although Matt and John make no progress in convincing the other of the righteousness of their position it finally comes down to who has the most power over the other as to who's cause is right. Matt Jacobs is not above blackmail and intimidation and uses these tools effectively to make John an offer he can't refuse.

John has the choice to either join Matt and help him meet his destructive goals or be the cause of the murder of thousands of innocent people including his new relationship.