Love, Faith & Destiny - bite-size Bible stories by Danica D. Smith

Have you ever heard your pastor say while presenting a sermon, "You all know the story of David, Ruth, etc."? Was your silent response of, ""No, not really"" followed by a brief, successful attempt to recall the story, only to find that you had missed a significant portion of the sermon?

Love, Faith & Destiny will help you to say, "Yes, I know that story," and it will allow you to be fully engaged in the message. This book contains chronological bite-sized Bible stories from the historical books of the Old Testament.

While you are reading through their stories, you will be able to relate better to many sermons because you will understand the history of God's people. Becoming more familiar with these faithful men and women will strengthen your faith and build your relationship with God so that you can live the blessed life that He intended for you.

Many find the Old Testament a challenge to read, but this book makes it easy, enjoyable, and quick. The book also includes follow-up questions after each story and the answers are in the back of the book.