Nicholas Raven and the Wizards' Web - Volume 1 - an epic fantasy by Thomas J. Prestopnik

Free on January 10 - 11, 2016!

Nicholas Raven and the Wizards' Web - Volume 1

An epic fantasy in three volumes for adults and older teens.

Volume 1: Prologue & Chapters 1 - 39
Volume 2: Chapters 40 - 85
Volume 3: Chapters 86 - 120 & Postscript

Nicholas Raven, a young gristmill accountant, just wanted a little adventure in his life. But he gets more than he bargained for when tumultuous winds of the past sweep him away on a journey he'll never forget.

Invisible webs are being spun over the lands of Laparia; webs of war, deceit, revenge and manipulation, all by two corrupt wizards with different objectives. When Nicholas becomes an inconvenience to their plans which pass by his very doorstep, he finds himself unwittingly ensnared in their vindictive schemes.

After being accused of crimes he didn't commit, Nicholas reluctantly flees home. But whether by chance or fate, his personal problems collide with the turbulent state of affairs around him, and he soon finds himself on a journey to the far corners of Laparia.

Against a backdrop of war, kidnapping, mistaken identity and newfound love, Nicholas becomes embroiled in a rescue mission along the shores of a sprawling sea, takes part in a quest to reforge a magic key that could tip the balance of power in a growing war, and is ultimately drawn into the center of the tangled web of intrigue that has plagued his life from the very start.

Four maps are also included:

Map 1: The Lands of Laparia
Map 2: The Kingdom of Arrondale
Map 3: The County of Litchfield
Map 4: The Village of Kanesbury