Self-Maid - a self-help book by Jessica Connor, Ph.D.

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You would think family addiction, abuse, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, crippling anxiety and financial struggle would be enough to put a woman in her grave. As a single mother cluttered with a messy adolescence, the author had plenty of adventure; still, it wasn't the kind she wanted. Internal disarray revealed itself as chaotic outward circumstances, including a career cleaning homes and a head just above water. But, this is what dreams look like up close; messy, uncomfortable and sometimes painful. Craving an existence infused with abundance and peace, she determined to robe herself in armor and face weaknesses head-on. Through pilfering wisdom from the dark clutch of fear, the vision of freedom she yearned for was surrendered.

As a Maid-Turned-Doctor, Jessica easily demonstrates how to obtain abundance through a firsthand account of a miserable life altered into magical livelihood. Having one foot on the humble "school of hard knocks" side of the fence, and the other firmly planted on the professional, scientific and spiritual side, she compassionately comes alongside the reader to empower a remarkable existence. Each chapter is delicately woven with a blend of heartfelt memoir and educated reasoning designed to naturally uncover how to manifest dreams into reality. If you are one of the millions who lives with feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and unsure, you'll find the answers to change that inside.

Self-Maid removes limitations and empathetically addresses personal power by offering:

  • The author's personal accounts of overcoming hardships. 
  • Explanation of how and why we behave in the manners we do. 
  • Understanding fear, anxiety, depression, phobias, and traumas and how they develop. 
  • Simple ways to adjust outdated habits into new, energizing patterns. 
  • A discovery of the true nature in which everything is moved forward in growth, and ways to gracefully flow with it. 
  • The essential nature of your spirit and how to utilize it for speedy improvement in all areas of life. 
  • Intentional methods for expanding your life in exact ways. 

Self-Maid offers a precise, detailed formula for completely changing your life no matter what circumstance or condition you are faced with.