Sustainable Fitness - A Practical Guide to Health, Healing, and Wellness by Z Altug

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Written as an easy-to-follow companion guide to medical treatment, Sustainable Fitness helps readers understand how to self-manage their recovery and health after visiting the doctor.

Organized into six parts, Sustainable Fitness covers health and wellness, healing and recovery, weight management and nutrition, mind and body training, an exercise menu, and wraps up with a comprehensive resource section

Formatted as a series of lists and handouts so you can quickly access the information you need, Sustainable Fitness is a guide that benefits patients and health professionals alike. The book is based on research and the author's twenty-five years of experience as a licensed physical therapist and fitness professional.

Learn how a proper understanding of exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, habits, and your purpose in life can give you the ability to achieve and maintain your best level of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.