The Courts of Garrowville - a murder mystery by Ken Siegel

The quiet, peaceful town of Garrowville, Pennsylvania had very little crime and no homicides until the tragic murder of Jennifer Stohler, a beloved member of the community.  Almost immediately, Michael Stohler, the victim’s husband, is presumed by seemingly everyone, including the Garrowville police, to be the murderer.  Gossip, circumstantial evidence, and sensationalist media coverage continually feed that presumption.  There is just one problem.   He didn’t do it.

But who did? While the police and district attorney are focused solely on the arrest and conviction of their presumed culprit, Michael Stohler hires an attorney to defend him and an investigator to find out what really happened.  The race against the clock is on.  As the drama in the courthouse is unfolding, will the real killer be identified in time before Michael Stohler is wrongfully convicted of the murder?