The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend - Teen Romance by Alfred R. Taylor

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Juan was a typical senior at Edgar Allan Poe High School. Apart from failing English, he had things under control. He had his friends, his favorite TV shows, and a crush on Tao, “the class brain.” Then Kirsten with her ocean blue eyes, golden blond hair, and wicked smile entered his life, and everything changed. On the first day they met, she made a bet that had his best friend laughing at him, the girl of his dreams competing against him, and half the school hoping he would be humiliated. But with Kirsten as his tutor, win or lose, Juan knew it would be exciting.

The Write Way to Get a Girlfriend is a novel that teaches English composition, resume writing, job search skills, and U.S. government by weaving the lessons into the plot of a teen romance novel. Readers experience the lessons through the eyes of Juan, the novel’s protagonist. Juan not only learns to write essays, but he also learns why writing is important to his future as he and his friends prepare to graduate and begin their adult lives.