American Flowers by Michael McLellan

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Seventeen-year-old Allie Laughton suddenly leaves her seemingly perfect home life with only two bags and a Greyhound bus ticket. Finding herself a stranger in a new town she ends up befriending the outgoing and good-humored Chris Shafer.

Lives, however, aren't always as they appear to be. Chris had crossed an invisible line and his weekend partying became something else entirely.

And Allie is haunted by her past.

Indebted to his dealers and on the run from the police, Chris drags Allie deeper into his world. Finally forced to make desperate decisions, events unfold that push them to the edge and endanger their very lives.

From the Author:

Lately I've had quite a few people ask me what American Flowers is about. Short answer? It's about drug addiction.

The longer answer, like the world of drugs itself, is more complicated, with a lot of foggy images and poorly defined edges.

It's about screwed up family lives, secondhand social prejudices, failed expectations and the ripple effect. It's about young people swimming over their heads in shark-infested waters, completely oblivious to what awaits them.

It's about redemption.

It's about love.

There aren't many people in America these days who haven't been impacted in some way or another by drug addiction: A mom, a dad, a child, a sibling, a neighbor. Chances are, you know someone whose life has been completely f#@*&d up by drugs.

I find myself uniquely qualified to tell a story like this. Maybe someday I'll tell you why. Meanwhile, I offer you Chris, Allie, Mick, Jan, Mitchell, Lisa and Donnie. You may laugh a little, you'll probably cry a little, you might love some of them and you'll definitely hate some of them. I promise you, though, you will feel something.

These characters are fictitious of course....just.