Crossing Bedlam - a Rated-R Post-Apocalyptic Action Comedy Adventure by Charles E. Yallowitz

crossing bedlam

The United States of America has been cut off from the rest of the world. Washington D.C. has been turned into a radioactive crater.  Anarchy has run rampant for the last decade with no clear answers as to what caused the collapse.  Those who have tried to find answers have disappeared or been killed. So Cassidy and Lloyd Tenay plan on focusing on survival instead of getting involved in a mystery that is better suited for those with heroic tendencies.

Cassidy is determined to grant her murdered mother’s dying wish and honor the woman who kept her alive for the last ten years.  This feat requires that she travel from Long Island, NY to San Francisco, CA and cast her mother’s ashes off the Golden Gate Bridge.  Not a simple journey even before the country became known as the Shattered States.  With nothing to trade for easy passage or any friends willing to challenge the dangers of Interstate 80, Cassidy decides that the only thing to do is break a handful of criminals out of jail and use them as expendable bodyguards.  Too bad she only manages to free an infamous serial killer who is ready to get his murder on.

Lucky for her, Lloyd Tenay has been in Rikers Island since before the collapse. Unsure of what this new world has in store for him, the motor-mouthed murderer knows it is smarter to keep Cassidy alive as a guide.  Besides, he needs to find a place to buy some shirts and killing people for clothes tends to leave stains.  There’s also the fact that he owes her for breaking him out of prison, but letting her keep breathing makes them even there.  At least that’s what Lloyd will say since he kind of likes his new friend’s style.

Together these two heroes . . . allies . . . survivors will shoot, stab, drive, joke, grenade, and curse their way from coast to coast.  After all, being nice and noble will only get you killed within the Shattered States.  Especially if you go to Nebraska.