God Moment: Hearing God's Voice Sparks A Remarkable Experience - Religion & Spirituality by Bette and Wayne Price


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Reads almost like fiction but is actually true. A couple who married young and had kids, found faith leading them into an astounding reality of God. The action picks up when a vision suddenly interrupts Wayne’s quiet prayer time.

The godly experience leads the couple to follow its meaning and direction closely through amazing turns of events. Later, a lengthy conversation with God provides great hope until the onslaught of an undefined illness hits with destructive force. The symptoms grow severe. Could a medical condition (later discovered to be bipolar manic/depression) derail their promising Christian life?

Because the disorder lasts many years, their solid marital relationship begins to deteriorate, and the sickness plunges Wayne deep into certain suicide. Bette cries out to the Lord reacting to the threat of losing her marriage and then the imminent death of her husband.

Nevertheless, unlikely and seemingly impossible interventions by God meet their dwindling emotional resources and strenuous efforts to survive. The abandonment of Bette brings the incredible mercy of the Lord into full view, and He provides for her in miraculous ways. Godly experiences abound and His incredible power brings solutions, but can they last?

God’s intimate involvement in this true story gives evidence of His existence, His patience through times of uncertainty, and His willingness and power to step into real life. It provides a refreshing promise that turning back to God, and trusting Him once more, brings hope. The authors’ transparent account, full of God, is sure to uplift and inspire.