Homes For The Soul: A story of spiritual healing (Yoga teachers Book 1) by Yehudit Zand

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Can Yoga save your life? It has saved mine...

I had no home, I had no money, my children lived in different countries, and my husband was dead.
A recurring dream has accompanied me for many years. In it, I was going through a spiritual experience, reaching the place one aspires to achieve in meditation during the yoga lessons I taught. In fact, there was an attempt to reenact this dream through the yoga I chose.

I wanted to achieve the balance I found in the dream. But in order to find such balance, I had to feel at home in my own skin. Not an easy thing to do. It was an enormous challenge life had put before me. Well, let's see you find joy in life now, existential joy. Let's see it!

Well, I did. And so can you.