If I can Just Focus: 5 Keys to Sanity and Success by Ubong Ekpo


Your focus is your philosophy. Plain and simple another great book from the author of: "The A.R.T of Motivation", rated 5 stars by a consecutive Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 and Vine Voice reviewer.

You did have a goal, right? Or was it two, or five? OK, if you're honest, maybe seven that you know are REALLY important. Zzzzing! You're out. Again.
Tired of being floored all week by another barrage of 'good ideas'?
How do you get back in the game?
Do you need help aligning your daily tasks and activities with your real life focus?

In If I can Just Focus... 5 Keys to Success and Sanity, Ubong offers practical how-tos on achieving a life of balance and success, drawing on up-to-date research and years of coaching experience helping others to find the vital link between their daily activities and their life goals.

Follow his storytelling through the art of choosing to developing focus systems and more as he explores the principles hidden behind the very word : F.O.C.U.S