One Year in Retirement - Fictionalized Memoir by Martin Green

Retirement.   For some the promised land.  For others a scary prospect.  In any case, uncharted waters.  Follow the adventures of a civil service retiree as he faces withdrawal pangs from his long-time job, encounters new problems as well as some old ones that don't go away in retirement and stumbles upon a possible second career.   Then there are health issues that come with getting old enough to be retired.

Senior citizens, retired or not, will find this a must-read.   The author has written for a senior paper for over 15 years and has published over 400 stories in online magazines.   The editor of Storystar calls him a "senior writer extraordinaire."   The editor of Hackwriters says, "Martin Green has a light touch and deft skill at getting to the core of people in his stories.  Charming, witty and addictive."   "One Year in Retirement" is available at $2.99 at