Rise Siren Five - An Edgy, Prophetic Sci-Fi Thriller by S.S. Delaunay


Rise Siren Five is an edgy, prophetic sci-fi thriller, the story of a soldier on the most crucial black op in earth's history, and the beautiful off-worlder, Rise, who is vital to it. Spanning the secret training facilities in our deserts, to present day New York, to the worlds which wait to land here, it is a story of terror, power, desire, connection and hope. A story of those who already walk among us, those who hold the power to destroy the very essence of who we are, and those who will stand with us, against them.

Rise Siren Five is an edgy, action packed, sci-fi thriller; with the cosmos on the brink of ultimate war, who our real allies and enemies are, may surprise you.

"Great action and sexy sleekness...Fans of Battlestar Galactica will love this" - Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
"Sexy Sci-Fi Thriller but so much more besides"
"looking for something to take me to another world, and I found it!"
"will leave you thirsty for the sequel"
"A must read for Scifi lovers."