The Killing Face - a crime thriller from Kenneth B Humphrey

In 1999, Detective “Arch” White - young, black and proud - walks into the Chicago Police Department as the victor in a discrimination lawsuit to earn his badge. His motivations for engaging in such courtroom tactics are hidden underneath the surface, personal and intense. The champion for his cause was Noah Bell, the man who would bring harmony to a racially segregated city, a saint working to make the world a better place for black, white and everyone in between.

But when Bell is found murdered, the victim of a vicious gang beating, Arch is handed his first case. He owes Bell justice and avengement, to prove that a great man was not killed by the very people he served. The rookie detective plunges forward, and in the process uncovers a hidden plot to which Bell served as a mere pawn.

His hunt for the truth will bring him into the orbit of others intent on changing the world for the new millennium. And these people like to kill in specific and spectacular ways.