The Reflection of Innocence - A military thriller with a paranormal sidebar by John Tolliver

This isn't your typical espionage novel. As a child John Calabrace is normal in most every way possible with the exception of being to visualize other people's memories and emotions like most would Google a query on the internet.

John not only sees each and every memory but all the raw infiltered emotions that go along with it. John can't explain what he see's to anyone as it causes him more angst than good, so instead it festers inside him and the almost addiction to inhale the memories of all around him begins to grow.

John drops out of NYU to join the Navy where on submarines in the hollow tube hundreds of feet below the ocean, he finds solace. He then finds himself recruited to serve his country to unlock the hidden pasts of others in the 1980's climate of Egypt, Yugoslavia, and El Salvador.

Is he an angel, is he a monster? The groups around him can’t decide. John's moral compass is strange and confusing as he tries to deal with his own emotions, sexual identity and his own addictive nature. There are dark forces working against him, forces he needs to find before they can find him. While John may know everyone else’s secrets, he still has secrets of his own. John Calabrace , an ordinary man put in extraordinary circumstances with an extraordinary gift that neither he or the people around him can fully comprehend

THE REFLECTION OF INNOCENCE, at 125,000 words, is an action-adventure/thriller with strong military influences.