The Starving Psyche - self-help by Kaiylah Muhammad

Free 2/29/2016 - 3/4/2016!

"Perception is reality." We've heard this phrase over and over again, but more specifically YOUR perception is YOUR reality. Have you ever paid close attention to the conversations that people have around you? Rather you're at work, at school or at the store I can almost guarantee that 80% of the conversations you hear are either of gossip, celebrity rumors, tragic news stories or basic complaining. Do you think that the people that frequently engage in these conversations are happy with themselves? If you answered "No" you would be correct. But the people that frequently engage in meaningful conversations and constructive activities ARE happy with themselves... So what separates these two types of people? It's their PERCEPTION. Where does our perception of life come from? It's a combination of our upbringing and/or environment and what we choose to feed our minds. The first step to shifting our perception is analyzing our bad habits and thoughts. This book breaks down the 17 mental shackles that keep people from reaching their full potential.