Theo Mallier: Growing Pains (Political Fiction) by Andrew Culyer

Free 2/12/2016 - 2/16/2016!

Are you interested in politics? Do you want to see a new way of doing it?

Are you sick and tired of the same politicians, spouting the same old drivel, looking after themselves and not the people in this country? Have you ever thought what it would be like if somebody come along that shook up the whole political world?

˃˃˃ Here he is...

Theo Mallier has a destiny, one that he never would have imagined.

Set in Meadow Well, North Shields, and Tynemouth, the story follows Theo through school, adulthood, early fatherhood, running a business, and ultimately to an act of heroism that changes the course of his journey forever.

Exploring how people are influenced by others in childhood, the relationships between fathers and sons, dealing with bullying, and onto post traumatic stress disorder, Growing Pains highlights how small decisions can have large consequences...

˃˃˃ Selected Amazon reviews from the Theo Mallier book series:

'Truly inspirational and thought-provoking [...] it make me reflect on the way we treat each other and I intend to be the best person I can be.’ – Mellowbird

'Theo’s family life was so typical of the time his story was set.’ – Michelle

'a heart-warming journey back to a past age, the beauty of the prose hit me on a number of levels.’ – Harasrrek

'the author’s narrative and flowing pace kept me involved with Theo.’ – Papabone

'Moments of wit and prosaic reflection.’ – PamK