Advent Revolution: Prometheus - a sexy dystopian romance by K. S. Higgason

Prometheus (Advent Revolution Book 1)

""If you haven't noticed, you're in Hell. Try to get to the top of the hill, and the wolves chase you right back down, sis. Manners don't get anyone anything here."
"Probably. I used to care about things and read books."

2180 A.D. The brilliant and beautiful Kathren finds herself thrust into the reality of a one-world dystopian dictatorship she'd long been sheltered from. Along her journey she is forced to face her privilege and naivety and is met with increasing violence and danger. With her rebel comrade Nuriko, both a knight and sole heir of the British crown, she embarks on a journey to one of the many underbellies of the world to apprehend a hacker named Priest who may hold the key to overthrowing the United Earth. However, Hotaka Cross is nothing like anyone imagined. While battling her attraction to his close friend, a street fighter and military defector, she soon learns that ""Priest"" is far from the hero she expected to find. As these would-be rebel leaders assemble, it becomes increasingly unclear whether this Priest will be disruptive or invaluable to the cause.

In a journey of a few fighting to save the many, the first installment of the Advent Revolution series thrusts the reader into a vivid, sexy, high-tech world filled with action, romance, humor, and mystery."