Axe's Fall: Insurgents Motorcycle Club - a wild mc romance by Chiah Wilder

Axe's Fall: Insurgents

Axe is a member of the outlaw motorcycle club, Insurgents. He's tatted, ripped, cocky, and...yeah...a dirty talker. He loves women, but just for one night. He doesn't do sleep overs, phone calls, or commitments.

Women don't expect anything from him but mind-blowing sex. And...he always delivers. That's the way he rolls until he meets her whose hazel eyes light a fire in him; and he's none too pleased about it.

Baylee Peters is on a fast-track to making partner at the architect firm. The last thing she has time for is a boyfriend. She only has time for one-night stands.

Until she meets him.
The dark-haired man with the smoldering eyes and tatted, chiseled body who makes her insides melt.

It was just for one night. So what if the sex was incredible?
Too bad she didn't get his name.

Then, work takes her to where Axe is, and their worlds collide. In the midst of it all, the man who killed Baylee's mother seventeen years ago, is vying to do the same to her since her memory of that awful night is coming back.

Can Baylee trust Axe enough to let him help her and take control?

Axe vows to protect her, and after he finds and deals with the killer, he will stop at nothing until he makes Baylee his woman.