BALANCE - a unusual, but exciting adventure by Glenn A Edwards

   “The male still sleeps, and I have no need of him,” the voice answered then after a pause adding, “You are the one I wish to speak with.”
       This sounded a little ominous. Especially referring to Brian as the MALE and wanting to just speak only to her. This was sounding a little too freaky she thought.
      “OK then, you just come on out real slow so we can talk face to face,” she answered back, slowly easing her way towards her tent in hopes of reaching her firearm. Not feeling to secure with some stranger hiding out in the woods perhaps stalking her and Brian.
      “Very well,” The voice replied, as the ground began to vibrate once more as something massive walked forth from the darkness.
      Shining her light in the direction of the voice Mary froze in mid step upon seeing a large towering dark shape step out of the tree line and slowly coming her way.
      Stepping into the clearing and boldly revealing himself to a human as he had never done before. Jumping-Buck took two large strides toward the small human female and bringing him to stop about ten feet away. His coal black eyes gazed at the silent little woman, who stood frozen in place with her mouth just hanging open with eyes wide in disbelief starring up at him. He fully expected her to scream at any moment.
      Realizing this wasn’t a normal response for someone in her situation. His nostrils flaring, he inhaled the night air and was surprised upon being unable to smell any fear emitting from her.
      Believing he should say something before she recovered and ran. So taking a shorter step toward her and leaning down slowly stopping within a few inches from her face. He looked into her dark eyes.
     “So can we talk now?” he asked, using mind speak, raising his eyebrows, and then tilting his large shaggy head.
   Gazing into the eyes of the giant before her, not believing what she was seeing. Guessing it was around nine feet tall. Massive shoulders at least five feet wide. Huge muscles could be seen upon its chest and arms through the dark hair that covered his body and the raw immense power of this creature, so obvious, yet appearing so human. His enormous hair covered face appearing so much like a few men she had known. Its dark leathery skin revealed upon its face where the hair was thinner and almost nonexistent.
      The intelligence so evident within their black depths, but yet they appeared to be gentle beneath his hairy pronounced brow ridge. Hearing it talk to her with its deep gentle words still ringing within her mind. Except he hadn't uttered a sound, so the only reply that came to her to say was.
      “You’re Sasquatch aren't ya?” she softly asked with no fear evident within her voice. Not believing she wasn't scared to death by this giant before her, but to her surprise actually a little excited.

      In all the world life needs “BALANCE” without it you have chaos and destruction. Going about one’s daily life no one truly pays much attention to the animals which live around them like the dashing squirrel in the park or that colorful red-bird chirping outside ones windowsill. Soon all of humanity were going to find out what can happen when all life turns upon them.
      The world has become too crowded with humans and the machines which they have used to transform it to sustain their cushy life styles.
Now living forces of nature has taken it upon themselves to rid the planet of mankind with the only weapons at their disposal, the beasts of the world.
     The only one capable to forestall the fate of every human upon the face of the planet is Mary Hatchfield, a Game Warden with a no nonsense down to earth attitude who works for the Mammoth Cave National park in Kentucky. She inadvertently creates a most unlikely alliance and bond with a creature from legend and myth known as Bigfoot. Together they race to stop the slaughter and eventual extinction of mankind.
      Unknown to them another giant of the forest seeks to prevent her from reaching the one who can halt the massacre of humanity by the animals we share the planet with.