Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee - A humorous & compassionate pet based memoir by Cee Tee Jackson

Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/23/2016 - 3/26/2016!

Driven by a need to eat and meet his mortgage payments, a redundant bank manager ventures into the world of the self employed to start his own Petcare business. OK - dog walking business.

'Damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee' is a humorous but compassionate look at the life of a dog walker in West of Scotland.

(Virtually all reviews to date in UK and USA contain the words: 'funny; hilarious; amusing & laugh.' The writing style has been compared to that of James Herriot in a couple of reviews, also.)

This is definitely one for the dog / cat / pet / animal lovers out there.