Hero: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance - Contemporary Romance/ Military Romance by Lara Swann

Hero: A Bad Boy Mafia Romance

Once, I was an idealistic bastard - a hero, fighting for my country.

But playing hero in Afghanistan didn’t stop the monsters who tore my family apart.

In one moment, my home was taken from me and I learned how the world really works.

Now I know better – the right-hand man for a mafia crime lord, I run this town and I’ll take anything I want.

Anything except the pure, defiant girl who catches my eye.


Beautiful. Delicate softness wrapped around a core of steel. The kept girl of a rival gang leader.

She's forbidden. Off-limits.

If I take her, gang warfare will rip us all apart.

But when I feel her body close to mine, her bright spark of optimism challenging everything I thought I knew...suddenly, I don't give a damn about the rules.

Screwing her risks both our lives.

But it's loving her that will f*cking destroy me.