Kiss Me Dead - a paranormal romance by Dale Ibitz

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 3/14/2016 - 3/18/2016!

Human-reaper hybrid Christian is done with Hell. He wants to live a human life and love a human girl. So he puts his fate into the hands of the Goddess of Death when he bargains with her for his freedom. The bargain has unexpected consequences. Now he is eternally cursed with the kiss of death; eternally bound by the guilt of killing his lover. Only an angel’s kiss can set him free.

When he meets Brooke, he believes he's found the answer to a prayer. As a long lost descendant of a Naphil, the girl is born to the life a sentinel. But things aren't going so well for her as she spirals into a cocoon of fear when her brother is murdered by a rogue reaper. Christian can break his curse by kissing Brooke dead. Brooke can avenge her brother by killing Christian. Neither planned to fall in love.