Master Musicianship & Beyond by Robbie Taylor

Master Musicianship

This book could be Your Passport to Happiness as a musician, it is a powerhouse of positive questions, answers and inspiration for all those wishing to take control of their musical talents and how to create their hearts desires as musicians, it is my hope that this book will motivate individuals to turn their lives as musicians around. Whether you are looking for help with guitar playing, melody writing, lyric writing, trying to overcome stage fright and overall musicianship or coping with self-esteem issues as musicians, it is my hope that this book will show you how to obtain the musical results you desire. This Book shows readers how to fulfill their musical dreams through focus, determination and simple daily techniques of reading the questions and answers. The book shows readers how to release limited thoughts about their musicianship and work with their subconscious minds in order to influence musical success. If you feel you are falling short of your potential as a musician, or you have lost control over your musical talents, these positive questions and answers may be the jump-start you need to put your musicianship powerfully back on track.