Stealing Flynn - A romantic suspense by G.D.Holt

Stealing Flynn

After losing her job and being evicted from her home all in the same day, Chloe Ellison has nowhere to turn. So when the charming Dalton Marshall invites her to stay at his place, Chloe, knowing he is hardly ever home, doesn’t hesitate to accept his offer. It doesn’t her take long, however, to find that Dalton has been less than up front. Not only is Dalton’s home in the middle of nowhere, but Chloe will also be sharing the small trailer with his teenage son, Flynn. Chloe is outraged to discover that Flynn is being neglected and abused, and she is shocked when Dalton turns on her in a drunken rage. Unwilling to leave the boy behind to suffer the consequences, she takes the all-too-willing Flynn and runs. She and Flynn begin a new life in a new town as Danielle West and her son, Jared, and as the fear of being tracked down starts to fade, the two settle into a comfortable existence. But a new and unexpected threat arises when Chloe’s new love interest, Tristan Trelawney, discovers their secret—and is keeping a few of his own...

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