The Money 20, What 20-Somethings Want to Know About Money by Linda Schoenfeld, CFP

Free 3/5/2016 - 3/7/2016!

Got a few questions about money and no one to ask?

Is your money life a little unorganized....or a LOT out of control?

Tried to read other money management books and fell asleep after the first few pages?

The Money 20 is written specifically for young adults who just want the basics, want it to be practical, and are looking for a quick read. Consisting of just 20 frequently asked questions, this book deals with the real world issues of student loans, credit cards, high expenses, and the #1 investment for a 20-something.

Amazon Review......This book is the best information in understandable terms and just fun to read. We are not 20 Something and loved it and wish we had read this years ago...