The Universe and you - The truth is profound by Colin Bull

Have you ever wondered what the Earth or the universe would look like without biological creatures such as you here to view it? Do you realise that the Sun and lamps/candles DO-NOT give off light?. Do you realise that there is nothing in the entire Universe that has colour? Do you realise that there has never been a Sound anywhere in the Universe? These are scientific facts, not theories! All these facts are explained in a simple way, along with much more, including - Why the unit of measurement that we call a 'year' and use to date the past is meaningless. Why Darwins theory of evolution could not work! Why things that we label 'Bad' or 'Evil' are absolutely needed for 'Life' and 'You' to have meaning! Why there is NO past or future. How Religions contain the essential truth of who we are - before humans try to 'Humanise' it with mans way of thinking based on passed on beliefs that he does not even know he has, which inserts a 'Pecking order' with an entity called God at the top and 'You', disempowered down to the bottom!

This book will change your perception of yourself and all that is around you - forever!