Tired of Me - YA thriller by Krystine Kelly



Sixteen-year-old Layka Moretti’s life has always been shrouded in secrets. She spends her life looking back at her mistakes and trying to make them right; Until she does something that can never be fixed, and she finds herself drowning in guilt.

Layka’s life is turned upside down when she is expelled from school and subsequently shipped off to a prestigious boarding school by her intolerant father, and submissive mother. Initially, Layka is unimpressed by the superficial glamour of Allenbrook Academy and the shallow girls with their designer labels, connections and material possessions; Until she finds what she believes is her soul mate, in her sexy, but off-limits English teacher, Glen Dawson. He makes her feel special and shows an interest in her, something she is desperately seeking from a man. What she thinks will complete her only makes her feel more alone. When Glen dumps her and moves on to another girl, Layka tries to heal, determined to hide that part of her life, even if that means the other girl will suffer. She hates herself for being too gutless to stop it, but believes everything Glen told her when he made her promise not to tell.

“My heart pounded as I looked at his trusting and honest face. I wanted to tell him everything—the nights in Glen’s classroom, the times in his house, rolling around on the bed, being a bad girl. But then he smiled and my nerve fell away and burrowed into the sand.”

As time passes, Layka meets Jordan, the first boy who ever treated her with respect, and finally has a healthy romantic relationship. Jordan makes her a better person and helps her realize she’s not the screw-up she’s always thought she was. She makes true friends in her boarding house, and grows extremely close to her house parent, Sarah, who loves Layka like a daughter and is the first stable adult in her life. But when Glen starts dating Sarah, Layka is determined to take him down, even though she’s terrified of him. Still obsessed with Layka, he stalks and torments her. As she becomes desperate to save Sarah, she digs into Glen’s past and finds out just how dangerous he is, and the outcome is more disastrous than she ever anticipated.

Layka must test her resilience in a way she never dreamed imaginable. Can she hold it together, or will she fall apart? Can she learn to forgive herself, or will she drown in guilt to finally perish?

Lolita meets Nancy Drew in this coming-of-age thriller, sure to keep you turning the pages, hungry to see what happens next.

*For mature readers 16 and older, due to language and sexual content.