Turning Points in Compassion - powerful stories of transformation edited by Gypsy Wulff and Fran Chambers


$4.99 (regularly $7.99) 19th-26th March 2016! 

Have you ever thought about what compassion really means?

Sometimes, it takes a special event in life that opens us up to a new way of thinking and feeling about others, both human and non human. Turning Points in Compassion is a book about those times.

In the words of Dr Craig Quarmby from a Gentle Place in Tasmania:

“This collection of awakenings—sourced worldwide from many of the most eloquent, passionate and intellectually progressive voices—is bound to be the turning point for many…”

Containing a beautiful collection of personal stories from many of today’s luminaries in the growing Animal Rights movement, Turning Points in Compassion challenges many common perceptions of our relationships with animals and the environment we share with them.

This book is a labor of love - All profits from the sale of this beautiful and inspirational work are donated to animal sanctuaries and rescue groups.