Twisted Emotions - Stories of Teen Life By Johnno Payne

Twisted Emotions

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 3/21/2016 - 3/28/2016!

This is my world where emotions are mostly raw...

What happens when you own someone’s darkest secret?

Or to meet the kid that lives in a world he builds all his own?

What about those super powers that girls just seem to have?

Or that dreaded day they call Valentines Day?

What happens when you burn your room down?

Or get caught up in those games that girls play?

And what happens when you lose the best friend you ever had?

That's just some of the drama that is part of my life in these 19 stories here that I tell like I’m talking to you that will take you deep into my real life world of lost friends, dark secrets, sudden laughter and the struggle just to be liked. Yeah, there’s always sadness in living, just like you already know.

Meet Joey that friend we all have and sometimes wished we didn’t; and Andrea that girl we all wish we knew better; and Stax who lives in a happy world all his own; and Seth who dreams those dreams we can only see when he bares his soul; and Kelly who was the best of them all; and so many others, too. Yeah, the people who make life so fun, so sad, and you can’t forget them, not ever.