Campion's Choice - a brilliant fantasy adventure by G L Wilson

Campion's Choice

Free 4/15/2016 - 4/17/2016!

Coins that have magical properties. Aliens. Scorpions. Attempted murder. Elvis alive and well and driving a moped.  What more could you want? Mystery, adventure, fantasy? Step right up and enjoy the show. This is Campion's Choice.

Jack  Campion was just an ordinary thirteen year old kid - well maybe not ordinary, not after the Dadster's accident - ordinary or not, the last thing expected was all that scary stuff in the air raid shelter. Tia Cole's life was as normal as it could be with a blind piano playing mum and infuriating younger brother. The last thing she expected was to end up, in a wood, fighting for her life against every animal that ever wanted to eat you.

If Clamp hadn't mentioned the Deathstalker and the Nomas had found the meteorite and If Gidean St-George hadn't been so vain, things might have been different!

But they weren't different. So expect Aliens, magic coins, sabre tooth tigers and the occasional walking through walls. That way you won't be disappointed.

This is Jack's story - just don't tell Tia.

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