French Cuisine Murder (Cozy Mystery) by Liz Turner

French Cuisine Murder (Cozy Mystery) by Liz Turner

Free 4/25/2016 - 4/29/2016!

It’s 1965. Margie Lauderdale has stopped for the night in a small scenic town on her way to the big city. Confident that she’s on track to make a grand new life for herself, Margie enjoys her newfound freedom in this little town where no one knows her. She’s young, pretty, and ready for anything.

Anything except murder!

Margie becomes entangled in this sleepy town’s mysterious murder case. There are only a few clues and they don’t quite seem to add up. Things begin to become more and more dangerous for Margie as she gets closer to solving the case.

Will Margie, her new friend Camelia, and Ray, the town’s homicide detective, be able to solve it before one of them ends up next on the killer’s hit list?

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