Love on the Rocks - a romantic comedy by Kay Harris

love on the rocks

Free 4/15 & 4/16 2016!

Dani Roberts is a Park Ranger on break after a long winter in Yellowstone. She has a couple weeks to kill before heading to her summer job, so she hits the road for a little adventure.

But in a lonely cafe in the middle of the nowhere Nevada she runs into two rock stars. They are kind and funny – and ridiculously hot. They offer her a ride on their tour bus that ends up changing Dani's adventure –  and her life – for good.

Hank Tolk he is definitely her type, and definitely a terrible player. Sean Rush is a bigger-than-life, scary-looking, tattooed monster of a man.

Falling for a rock star is not in Dani’s itinerary. But when disaster strikes and one of them proves what kind of man he really is, she can’t resist. Dani has to decide – do a park ranger and a rock star really stand a chance at love?