Paradox House - a magical suspense story by Melody Leigh

Paradox House Kindle

In the wooded outskirts of Laelia Bay lies a mansion the town knows only as cursed. For hundreds of years, stories passed of people who went in, but never came out. One year after the disappearance of a reporter who came to investigate the mansion, twenty-year-old Emilie Shostrom and her two best friends decide to follow in the reporter's footsteps and find out what happened to her.

Their adventure quickly turns sour when they end up trapped inside the mansion, left to wander its monster-infested halls in the hopes of piecing together the mystery of Sera Porter's disappearance and the story behind the man who started it all.

It's not as easy as they might hope, especially when they realize the mansion can move through time, changing back and forth through the years without a moment's notice. Now it's not just a matter of finding out where Sera is inside the mansion, but when.

Emilie always wanted to go on an adventure. But this adventure might be more than she bargained for.