Private Reserve: Book 1 Desire & Luxury Wine - an erotic romance by Diana Sobolewski

Private Reserve: Book 1 Desire & Luxury Wine

PRIVATE RESERVE by Montreal author and wine agent Diana Sobolewski was just released on Amazon:  Paperback (6 x 9 inches, 396 pages) Kindle Edition (465 pages)

Love, sex, luxury wine (and a touch of humor); Book 1 PRIVATE RESERVE of the DESIRE & LUXURY WINE series celebrates characters over thirty. This upmarket work of provocative contemporary fiction intended for mature audiences with luxury wine as the sub-theme, is guaranteed to make readers blush while leaving them with a deeper appreciation of fine wine.

The professionally edited PRIVATE RESERVE, introduces readers to flamboyant seductive characters that dedicate themselves to the pursuit of pleasure.  At the center of the story is Ela Zalewski, a fiercely independent wine agent and modern business woman, and the journey that leads her into the arms and bed of flawed but disarmingly charming billionaire industrialist Torsten Lucas Furst.

The characters are vibrant sexual beings and the best lays ahead. The fact that they have some life experience behind them and still have the potential for growth, makes them that much more interesting.

The other three books are already in development; MAXIMUM YIELD, MASTER CLASS and LATE HARVEST.  All of the titles were borrowed from the wine industry.  

MAXIMUM YIELD, MASTER CLASS and LATE HARVEST continue the sexually charged plots from PRIVATE RESERVE. The main characters in the first book recede into the background; leaving center stage for other characters that readers have met in the first novel.

The premise makes the series somewhat unique to the best of the author’s knowledge.