Sadana 999 - Incredible science fiction novel by Marsha L Ceniceros

Sadana 999 Kindle

Spectacular Novel Sadana 999, the new future of science fiction, Readers Favorite voted 5 star rating!

The usage of language used throughout Sadana 999 is spellbinding, characters are magnetic, charming and those that are evil are fascinating as well. Along with the unique structure of the novel, the author pulls readers in with her prolific poetic skills, in addition the visualization of this action packed thriller will keep the reader glued to its pages from beginning to end. Sadana 999 holds many secrets, alien experiments, blackmail and murder, unveiling quivering suspense within its pages. General Ascot’s superior personality and diminishing intelligence performed perfectly throughout this action packed novel. Dr. Peru, a Nobel Prize winning scientist with his sassy personality is intriguing throughout the entire book. In addition, his choice to suffocate the breath of life, of the future is abruptly interrupted. Acts of unsuspected retaliation violently explodes!

Fans of science fiction looking to experience the new dimension of sci-fi, Sadana 999 will be the spectacular reading experience never before encountered! Author Marsha L Ceniceros demonstrated unique talent, in addition, re-defining the history of science fiction! In conclusion, in-depth characters, fast-paced action and suspenseful thrills throughout, Sadana 999 is the future of Science Fiction!

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