Stay Away from Lions - A black comedy crime-noir thriller by J. Matthew Smith and Patrick Reynolds

Stay Away From Lions Kindle

Tommy Patton is a small-time crook from Buffalo’s gritty Irish-Catholic First Ward who’s always been committed to never living a law-abiding day in his life. Upon being sprung from the Erie County Jail for his latest indiscretion, Tommy learns he’s being held responsible for a debt owed to a local crime boss due to a past robbery gone wrong. With the payback deadline winding down, a two-faced mob soldier charged with collecting the debt goes behind his boss’s back and hatches a scheme designed to benefit all involved. But eventually, the soldier’s plan goes terribly awry, exposing unholy secrets and costing people their lives. And Tommy Patton finds in his bid to stay alive that when it comes to being forgiven for his sins, no one can be trusted — not even his parish priest.