Whose Reality: How to have the life you have always wanted by Colin Bull

Whose Reality: How to have the life you have always wanted by Colin Bull

How many times do we look around us and see the life we would like to have. Maybe it just peace or love. maybe its a financial security, wealth. Maybe its good health or an ability to let go of the past and what it held or even just see that past as it really was.

Whatever it is that we would like, we do not realise that it is not down to luck, chance or who and what you know - its actually all down to you! It starts there and stops there. We do not realise that our external life is a mirror of our internal beliefs that we have installed and downloaded to ourselves along the way, and our internal reaction to 'wanting' the things that we do, actually moves then further away!

By looking at the self and its beliefs about itself and others and life in general, we can see that we are in-fact getting in life what we are asking for but we do not realise we are asking for these things because we are simply blind to the process, but when we can see this process, we can remove the beliefs that bring us what we do not want and change them for beliefs that will bring us the life that we desire.

You are bringing to you the life that you have automatically, so now is the time to change that and automatically bring the life changes that you require!