Mindset - Time for Change by Staci Gade

Mindset - Time for Change by Staci Gade

How to be in the 5% of people to get what they want?

Have you ever wonder how some people manage to get everything they want? Ponder no more, the answer are clearly stated here in this book. This book will help individuals to be aware of their bad habits, how to change them or replace them with positive, highly effective ones that can achieve greater productivity and efficiency on our daily life, even when we are at the most stressed period or a lack of focus. It teaches you how you can transform your life by following simple steps in removing bad habits and replacing them with effective ones, and also how to live a more fulfilling and happy lifestyle.

You will learn how the different methods to gain better health, attract more money and most important happiness with highly effective habits creation.

This book also discuss on the most common mistakes we made during the phase of changing habits and 6 easy tips on how to overcome that. How good habits can enrich our life giving us the confidence to take on challenges, current and future ones. Habits play an important role in our everyday life and learning how to implement them successfully will help get the best possible achievement we want.

Read this book if you want to have a better control in your life and start accomplishing your goals and targets that you have set for yourself. You will be amazed at the transformation into someone you never thought it is possible.

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