Murdered by Country Music - a cozy romance by Dianne Harman

Murdered by Country Music - a cozy romance by Dianne Harman

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 5/20/2016 - 6/3/2016!

Music festival? Food trucks? Second chances? Romance? Mollies? Fireball whiskey? What do they all share? Murder, for one! Don't miss this third book in the fast-paced High Desert Cozy Murder Series!

Seven time best selling Amazon All-Star author does it again!

What part did mollies and Fireball whiskey play in a murder at a country music festival held outside of Palm Springs, California? Why was the celebrity chef, Jacques Rushon, owner of the French Food Obsession food truck murdered? The suspects at the top of the sheriff's list are Marty Morgan's friends John, the owner of The Red Pony food truck, and his assistant, Max.

Or was it the ex-wife who was owed back child support? Food truck competitors John and Max? The owner of the White Stallion Ranch where the music festival was held? Jacques' drug dealer? Jacques' partner in the food truck, Ned? Or Ned's wife, Rita? In order to save her own life, Marty has to solve the murder mystery. Fortunately, she has a little help from Jeff, her police detective fiance.

This fast-paced cozy mystery gives the reader a behind the scenes look at music festivals and food trucks. As always, there's lots of food, recipes, and a black Labrador retriever who refuses to give up his pink booties!