Shadows of Day Book 2 of Dark Shadows - a romantic suspense by M E Whiter

Shadows of Day Book 2 of Dark Shadows - a romantic suspense by M E Whiter

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Who doesn't like a dark family secret?

Read Shadows of Day, as the drama continues from Shadows of Knight: Book One; where the family secrets from the past, are finally revealed and the suspense increases, when Rachel's adventure in Vancouver BC, turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

A deadly blackmail threat sees Rachel and Sebastian reunited in Book Two.

Rachel returns to Sebastian's penthouse where he promises it's the safest place for her to be. But, no place is safe enough from the blackmailer's cunning determination. Lured into a trap, Rachel ends up kidnapped and tortured. Suddenly, the threat on her life is painfully real.

Sebastian's creed to never give in to threats, goes out the window, when he does everything in his power to get Rachel back. But, when the blackmailer refuses to hand Rachel over, once the ransom is paid, Sebastian is left with little choice but to call in the police.

It's only when the police capture her kidnapper after she is rescued, that Rachel believes her life will finally return to normal.

But, life is never that simple, right?

Her dreams of a loving future with Sebastian are shattered, after she comes across some incriminating evidence in his office. Not only does it uncover a family secret, but it suggests Sebastian isn't the man, he professes to be . . .

Is Sebastian her enemy or her saviour?